Meet the team

We Are Studio D-02

A diverse group

of creatives focusing on strategic concepting, signage, branding and digital design. Our team excels at bringing smart ideas to the table and following through until we deliver the best creative solution.

Patrick Benasillo

President & Chief Idea Guy

Patrick Benasillo is involved in forging new market development strategies through creative and innovative design solutions. He has successfully spearheaded numerous branding and signage programs in the retail and foodservice industries. His areas of concentration are new concept development, innovative design and in-store communication zone strategies.

All work aside, Patrick is a true family man and golf fanatic. When he’s not chasing the cheddar as a serial entrepreneur, you’ll be hypnotized by his sick EDM and old school hip-hop beats… and if you don’t know, now you know.

Tobias Harris W.

VP of Creative Services

Andy Schillig

Director of New Business Development

Andy’s a biz dev guy by trade, but a true business strategist by practice. A business challenge is never as simple as it may seem, but does that mean it has to be complicated? He says no. That’s Andy’s specialty; cutting through the piles of clutter to discover what’s truly salient to a make a solution innovative. Because in today’s world of experiences, is good… good enough? That’s also a no btw….

If you’re looking for a way to think differently about how your brand experience better connects to the customers you serve, come talk to Andy. Door’s always open. Oh, and he’ll probably give you a call too :).


Lindsay Perrina

Art Director & Design Manager

Designer, typophile and cat lover by day, boogie nights baller by night. When coffee is scarce in the studio, watch out, she’s known to yell that ‘gangsta rap made her do it.’

Spencer Crook

Senior Designer

‘Seasoned’ designer (read: expanding bald spot), who can obsess equally over concept layouts as well as nuts-and-bolts-in-the-
weeds product detail. Still gets a thrill guiding projects hands-on from “virtual” to the actual, real world, 3D, “Eureka!” moment of life…

Armchair subversive / Fellow typophile / Wannabe calligrapher / Hoosier in a former life / Champion of old buildings everywhere

Nader Boraie

Senior Designer

Inspired in-part by minimalism and
a DIY mindset, Nader is a firm believer in the concept of less is more. He deeply enjoys creating brand identities, getting back to his silkscreening roots, and the subtleties in life.

Keith Laudati


Design blog fiend, mediocre fly fisher, and an avid lover of PC gaming. From The Bauhaus to Swamp Thing, Keith finds his inspiration in a variety of places. When not rolling around on the ground with his dogs, he can be found pushing pixels, or scouring the internet for typefaces.




BLeong profile pic-01-01

Miranda Makowski

Junior Designer

Novice Researcher, will read just about anything; blogs, books, cereal boxes, click-bait articles, clothing tags. Interested in social behavior, trends, and the paranormal. Unbiased anime enthusiast.

Catch phrases are:
“You can google it..” and “What are we having for dinner?”

Julie Chaymang

Junior Interior Designer

Sustainable design enthusiast, “wanna-be” professional photographer, coffee and tea lover, avid hiker. When Julie is not sitting on her computer planning and designing interiors, you can find
her on top of a mountain, camping in the middle of nowhere, exploring,
or being a mother of 4 (to 2 cats
and 2 birds).

Dawn Carmilia

Designer / Senior Account Manager

Eclectic. True believer in the power of a smile. Music is a must, and I must sing along. Beach attire recommended.

Ben Leong

Production Design

Design utility man, photography grasshopper, front end enthusiast, proud family guy. When he isn’t seeking the approval of his clients, you can be sure Ben is coordinating playtime, nap time, or snack time.

Tech lover, thesaurus junkie, hash brown elitist.


Eliot Cohen

Designer | Senior Account Manager

Closet Frank Sinatra, admitted control freak and family man. Eliot’s favorite building is the Guggenheim Museum. If the devil is in the details, then call him possessed.

Julio Osorio

Production Design

Notorious subway sketcher” and amateur penny stacker. Owns a large sketch collection of sleeping people while riding the subway. Penny stacker? Love building bridges out of pennies, not an easy task to accomplish when you have a cat for a pet.

Oleg Pasynkov

Senior Design Engineer

The lucky user of the very first Macintosh Classic brought to Russia in 1992. Graphic Designer / Industrial Designer with a Masters in Mechanical /Electrical Engineering. Enjoys defeating any and all challenging projects. World traveler, Fan of classic jazz, swing music, and the Beatle’s. Most of all, Happy Husband, Father, AND Grandfather! :)

Jason Morgan

Production Designer

Husband, father of two, addict (addicted to mountain bikes). When not in front of his computer amassing vector art and fonts for his collection, Jason can usually be found out in the woods on tech singletrack pinning berms, shooting steeps, and hucking drops on his mountain bike.