Salon Rocks

Salon Rocks

Rockin’ Eco-Design

Create a comprehensive brand for NJ’s first eco-friendly hair salon concept, which included the salon naming, logo development, the interior design and overall brand positioning.

The result, a magnificent brand show casing eye-opening graphics and a wide range of eco-friendly materials: including a Palmwood reception desk, Tree Bark wall covering, Bamboo, Recycled Vinyl Flooring and low VOC paints.

The space included innovative practices, Digital Signage, eliminating hard-copy sign updates, flooded Natural Daylight and Paperless communications. Instead of paper-based magazines, a web station was developed for patrons to surf the internet and read digital publications.

The final concept created cutting-edge design, successfully appealed to a broad demographic — all who rock: young and old, male and female, and was sustainable in its vision.